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Jumbo Comics #7 by Fiction House

Queen of the Jungle

Queen of the Jungle published on No Comments on Queen of the Jungle

Iconic jungle heroine “Sheena” was more well-known for her leopard-print leotard look, but on a few early comic covers her role was filled by that all-purpose understudy: The Blonde In A Red Dress.

Fantoman #4 (Centaur)

Like a ghost!

Like a ghost! published on No Comments on Like a ghost!

Yup, a hero like a ghost (specifically, a more famous purple-suited Ghost Who Walks) but in an off-brand knockoff sort of way.

The Blonde in Red really needs to talk to her agent. If she has to put up with the captive-jungle-sacrifice Fay Wray homage, it should have at least have been done with “Duke in Gorilla Land” as the featured cover image instead of this Fantoman guy.

Jungle Comics #17 by Fiction House

Raging rhino

Raging rhino published on 1 Comment on Raging rhino

A green rhinoceros in honor of St. Patrick’s Day? Even if so, it’s still the worst jungle safari vacation ever. She should totally demand a refund from the travel agency.

I love how her facial expression while tied to the back of a rampaging rhino isn’t fear or confusion, but simply resigned annoyance.

Thrilling Comics #53 by Pines

Twas beauty that killed the beast…

Twas beauty that killed the beast… published on 1 Comment on Twas beauty that killed the beast…

…Or maybe it was that spear plus a punch to the jaw.

Apparently our heroine’s jungle safari vacation is still going pretty much as expected.

Thrilling Comics #53 (Pines)