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Startling Comics #51

Blonde in Red: Space Tailgunner

Blonde in Red: Space Tailgunner published on No Comments on Blonde in Red: Space Tailgunner

Shooting through holes in the spaceship windows? Once again, I’m not sure that’s how outer space is supposed to work.

Startling Comics #51

Startling Comics #44, Pines

Startling Comics!

Startling Comics! published on 1 Comment on Startling Comics!

The Blonde in Red is clearly startled! (Less by her epic sci-fi predicament with giant space bugs and more by the fact that the Fighting Yank somehow still got himself top billing despite not showing up for the cover.)

Startling Comics #44, Pines

America's Best Comics #24, Pines

Designated Hostage

Designated Hostage published on 1 Comment on Designated Hostage

The Blonde in Red discovers that being a superhero is hard work. Unless you can pass yourself off as a damsel in distress, in which case you can have plausible deniability to sit back and make your teammates do all the work.

America’s Best Comics #24, Pines