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America's Best Comics #24, Pines

Designated Hostage

Designated Hostage published on 1 Comment on Designated Hostage

The Blonde in Red discovers that being a superhero is hard work. Unless you can pass yourself off as a damsel in distress, in which case you can have plausible deniability to sit back and make your teammates do all the work.

America’s Best Comics #24, Pines

The Black Terror #23, Pines

Back for round two!

Back for round two! published on 1 Comment on Back for round two!

Apparently, on the way down from the roof, the Grim Reaper handed off the Blonde in Red back to the Black Terror just in time to pay a visit to the poorly dressed friends of the gangsters who started this mess.

The Black Terror #23, Pines

Exciting Comics #48, Pines

Box Office Blockbuster

Box Office Blockbuster published on 1 Comment on Box Office Blockbuster

After a nice relaxing day off watching freeway traffic, the Blonde in Red heads back to work at the local theater box office… just in time for a stickup.

Exciting Comics #48, Pines