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Top-Notch #18 by MLJ

“The Return of the Skull!”

“The Return of the Skull!” published on 1 Comment on “The Return of the Skull!”

I’m less concerned about the graveyard ghouls than I am about that face the Blonde in Red is making. Someone call a doctor, I think she may be having conniptions!

Top-Notch #18 by MLJ

Detective Short Stories v3 #5

“An Uncanny Long Novelette”

“An Uncanny Long Novelette” published on 1 Comment on “An Uncanny Long Novelette”

The Blonde in a Red Dress realizes that her mother was probably right to warn her against spending too much time hanging out with corpses of questionable reputation.

Detective Short Stories v3 #5

Hand of Fate #9 by Ace

Grave mistake

Grave mistake published on No Comments on Grave mistake

Our heroine really needs to stop walking through graveyards. Nothing good ever seems to come from it.

And hey! “Janet Lee”? At last, we know the real name of our mysterious Blonde in a Red Dress! Too bad she’s fated for an untimely end. Whatever will we do for tomorrow’s cover?

Eerie #9 by Avon

An Eerie Replacement

An Eerie Replacement published on No Comments on An Eerie Replacement

The new golden-haired cover girl could strike a pose just as well as her predecessor, and she quickly proved herself adept at facing down the various monsters that came with the job.

Sadly, the same couldn’t be said of her boyfriend.