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Scourge of the Yellow Gestapo

Scourge of the Yellow Gestapo published on No Comments on Scourge of the Yellow Gestapo

Not sure why the bamboo walls of the hut are red, but it allowed our heroine to try avoiding her captor’s attention by blending into the background using the inherent stealth camouflage of her Red Dress.

Fight Comics #20, Fiction House

Blonde in Red icon - Art from Eerie #9 by Avon

A note for new readers

A note for new readers published on 2 Comments on A note for new readers

Welcome to The “Blonde in a Red Dress” cover gallery, the online showcase of the hardest working cover girl of the Golden Age of comics! For the full story behind the blog, see the About page.

As for the cover girl herself, her origins are shrouded in mystery. Perhaps it began as a generic “house style” imposed on the cover artists. Or perhaps certain default color combinations just made for more dynamic covers. Or maybe the artists simply liked drawing women in red dresses with shoulder-length blonde hair. But whatever the reason, the Blonde In A Red Dress appeared again and again, across dozens of titles and genres from virtually every Golden Age publisher! Click here to start from the beginning of our gallery.

Covers of Eerie #9 & 13 by Avon Publications and All True Romance #12 by Comic Media