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Detective Short Stories v3 #5

“An Uncanny Long Novelette”

“An Uncanny Long Novelette” published on 1 Comment on “An Uncanny Long Novelette”

The Blonde in a Red Dress realizes that her mother was probably right to warn her against spending too much time hanging out with corpses of questionable reputation.

Detective Short Stories v3 #5

Lightning Comics v1 #5 by Ace

College Beanie Flashback

College Beanie Flashback published on 1 Comment on College Beanie Flashback

Flashback week! The Blonde in a Red Dress seldom talks about her college years — probably because they tended to involve stuff like being taken hostage by glowing radioactive mummies with rayguns.

Well, either that, or maybe she avoids the subject because of her questionable fashion sense at the time. I’m glad she ditched the striped beanie.

Useless comic trivia note: the hero on the cover is called “Lash Lightning” in some issues, and other times is called “Flash Lightning”.

Lightning Comics v1 #5 by Ace

C-M-O Comics #1 by Centaur

Jack and Judy?

Jack and Judy? published on 1 Comment on Jack and Judy?

Flashback week! Like many celebrities, the Blonde in a Red Dress got her start as a child actor in commercials. Here, she plays the role of teenager Judy Alden for “C-M-O Comics”… which stands for “Chicago Mail Order”, and the stories inside the comic were structured as ads for various products (inlcuding her stylish red outfit.)

C-M-O Comics #1 by Centaur

Crime Must Pay the Penalty #27 by Ace

Dirty little two-timing squealer!

Dirty little two-timing squealer! published on No Comments on Dirty little two-timing squealer!

Nah, that name’s too long, I think we’ll stick with “Blonde in a Red Dress”.

I wonder what sort of life the guy running the presses must have led to have reached the point where his only reaction to a police raid is jaded, world-weary boredom.