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First Love Illustrated #9, Harvey

A classic love triangle

A classic love triangle published on 1 Comment on A classic love triangle

Could this be the source of the eternal conflict between the Blonde in Red and the Redhead in Yellow?

(I just hope the boyfriend’s name isn’t Chekhov, because if so, I’d worry about those guns on the wall.)

First Love Illustrated #9, Harvey

First Love #20 by Harvey

That’s why you should wear a seatbelt

That’s why you should wear a seatbelt published on No Comments on That’s why you should wear a seatbelt

But don’t worry. She’s been through worse, I’m sure “Susan” will be fine. (If that’s her real name.)

All True Romance #12 by Comic Media

Jane Wanted More!

Jane Wanted More! published on 1 Comment on Jane Wanted More!

Was “Jane” the name of the blonde in red? Or perhaps Jane was one of the other brunettes on the cover? Whoever Jane was, she wanted more! And so did the fans!

Having survived her eerie “tales of fantasy and suspense”, she moved on to star in “intimate stories of real love” and proved herself adaptable to a wide range of titles and genres!

And thus began the recurring adventures of The Blonde in a Red Dress: the most prolific comic book cover gal of the Golden Age!