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Baffling Mysteries #7, Ace

The Beach Party is Over

The Beach Party is Over published on 1 Comment on The Beach Party is Over

The Blonde in Red’s relaxing week at the beach concludes with an attempted kidnapping by an amphibious humanoid fish-man. (Which, sadly, is pretty much to be expected, given our heroine’s usual luck.)

Baffling Mysteries #7, Ace

Top-Notch #19, MLJ

Same ol’ same ol’

Same ol’ same ol’ published on 1 Comment on Same ol’ same ol’

The Blonde in Red should talk to her agent about her recurring appearances at “Top Notch Comics”, as they seem to already be running out of ideas: I think she might be tied to the same tree by the same villain and awaiting rescue by the same heroes as last time! Not even sure if the henchmen monsters count as being different, as they might just be the same werewolves at different points in their transformation.

Top-Notch #19, MLJ

Detective Short Stories v3 #5

“An Uncanny Long Novelette”

“An Uncanny Long Novelette” published on 1 Comment on “An Uncanny Long Novelette”

The Blonde in a Red Dress realizes that her mother was probably right to warn her against spending too much time hanging out with corpses of questionable reputation.

Detective Short Stories v3 #5

Champ Comics #22 by Harvey

Naptime continues

Naptime continues published on 1 Comment on Naptime continues

Somehow yesterday’s naptime and ambulance ride ended up in the lair of weird ghoulish monsters, with a pit of green mystery liquid and a superhero in tiny pants.

(On the other hand, the Blonde in Red should probably be grateful for his presence, considering the other alternatives for help in this book would be “Slim Jim” or the “Twinkle Twins”.)

Yup, if I was having a week like this, I’d probably try to sleep through it too.

Champ Comics #22 by Harvey

Hand of Fate #9 by Ace

Grave mistake

Grave mistake published on No Comments on Grave mistake

Our heroine really needs to stop walking through graveyards. Nothing good ever seems to come from it.

And hey! “Janet Lee”? At last, we know the real name of our mysterious Blonde in a Red Dress! Too bad she’s fated for an untimely end. Whatever will we do for tomorrow’s cover?