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Startling Comics #44, Pines

Startling Comics!

Startling Comics! published on 1 Comment on Startling Comics!

The Blonde in Red is clearly startled! (Less by her epic sci-fi predicament with giant space bugs and more by the fact that the Fighting Yank somehow still got himself top billing despite not showing up for the cover.)

Startling Comics #44, Pines

Keen Detective Funnies #20 by Centaur

I spy with my giant eye…

I spy with my giant eye… published on 2 Comments on I spy with my giant eye…

Huh. Apparently, the “aliens” referenced on the cover are the foriegn gangster types sneaking across the border with parachutes and tommy guns, NOT the fiery giant flying eyeball shooting magical ray beams.

I’m hoping the Blonde In A Red Dress is filling the role of “Detective” on this cover, because the other title descriptors of “Keen” and “Funny” don’t quite seem accurate to the situation.