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Mystery Men #26, by Fox Features

Who thought this was a good idea?

Who thought this was a good idea? published on 1 Comment on Who thought this was a good idea?

“One turn of the switch and the girl’s blood would forever be fused with the gorilla’s!”

Seriously, what was the thought process that would lead someone to think that A-Fishbowl-Helmet-That-Gives-A-Girl-The-Blood-Of-A-Gorilla is a worthwhile invention? Or a productive use of time and resources? Or worth getting punched in the face by the Blue Beetle?

Mystery Men Comics #26, by Fox Features

Blue Beetle #10 by Fox

Here’s a rare treat!

Here’s a rare treat! published on 2 Comments on Here’s a rare treat!

From the look on the face of the Blonde in a Red Dress, she’s reading the cover blub and wondering why she’s stuck strapped to a mad scientist’s torture bench rather than having whimsical adventures in the “Davy the Wishmaster” backup story.

Blue Beetle #10 by Fox

Target Comics v3 #1 by Novelty Press

Somebody in a Red Dress

Somebody in a Red Dress published on 1 Comment on Somebody in a Red Dress

Just in time for an early April Fool’s Day, have some murderous thespian cosplay of a Man In A Red Dress And Presumably A Blond Wig.

(Still a better outfit than that day-glow plaid thing the other guy’s wearing.)

Jumbo Comics #7 by Fiction House

Queen of the Jungle

Queen of the Jungle published on No Comments on Queen of the Jungle

Iconic jungle heroine “Sheena” was more well-known for her leopard-print leotard look, but on a few early comic covers her role was filled by that all-purpose understudy: The Blonde In A Red Dress.