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Chamber of Just Chillin’

Chamber of Just Chillin’ published on 1 Comment on Chamber of Just Chillin’

The Blonde in a Red Dress is apparently still staying at an oddly witch-themed weight-loss spa and resort. Here she is being helped along by her personal trainers after a long exhausting workout.

Chamber of Chills #23, by Harvey


TGIF? published on 1 Comment on TGIF?

Having been worn out from filling in for the vacationing Blonde in Red, the Redhead in Yellow took a short nap is now ready for the weekend. (Either that, or ready to audition for a job as a late-night TV horror movie hostess.)
And look! Green skulls! This cover continues the “monsters unusually colored green” theme of the past few days.

Journey Into Fear #5, by Superior Comics

Jungle Stories v4 #11

Angry Bird

Angry Bird published on 1 Comment on Angry Bird

The Redhead in Yellow continues to fill in for the Blonde in Red… allegedly on set filming a jungle adventure, although between their matching yellow polka-dot bikini swimwear and references to “Atlantis”, I’m beginning to wonder if they secretly switched scripts with a beach movie.

Jungle Stories v4 #11