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America's Best Comics #31, Standard Comics

Jumping Through Hoops

Jumping Through Hoops published on 1 Comment on Jumping Through Hoops

In some relationships, it can feel like a challenge to find just the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. (Or else!)

America’s Best Comics #31, Standard Comics

America's Best Comics #24, Pines

Designated Hostage

Designated Hostage published on 1 Comment on Designated Hostage

The Blonde in Red discovers that being a superhero is hard work. Unless you can pass yourself off as a damsel in distress, in which case you can have plausible deniability to sit back and make your teammates do all the work.

America’s Best Comics #24, Pines

America's Best Comics #23, Pines

Miss America’s Best!

Miss America’s Best! published on No Comments on Miss America’s Best!

The Blonde in a Red Dress won the pageant due to her extra high marks in the superheroine cosplay competition.

America’s Best Comics #23, Pines