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Servants of the Tomb!

Servants of the Tomb! published on 1 Comment on Servants of the Tomb!

After a long week of dieting at the witch-themed weight-loss spa and resort, the Blonde in the Red Dress finds herself with a craving for a good old fashioned cask of Amontillado.

(Either that, or maybe we’re getting to see the this cover from a different angle?)

Witches Tales #6, by Harvey

Witches Tales #3, Harvey

Please Don’t Overfeed The Fish

Please Don’t Overfeed The Fish published on No Comments on Please Don’t Overfeed The Fish

The Blonde in a Red Dress was hoping her new job with the Screaming Eel Tour Boat Agency came with some real responsibilities, but she soon realized she was just a figurehead.

Witches Tales #3, Harvey