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4Favorites #9, Ace

Four Against One

Four Against One published on 1 Comment on Four Against One

C’mon heroes! You had one job! And yet you let the Blonde in a Red Dress get rescued from one rampaging robot just in time to get captured by another rampaging robot!

4Favorites #9, Ace

Super-Mystery Comics v3 #3, Ace

The Clown is Back Again!

The Clown is Back Again! published on 1 Comment on The Clown is Back Again!

The Blonde in a Red Dress, pinned beneath rubble (and cover blurbs), is waiting to be rescued by costumed heroes, who are themselves tied up and waiting for yet another hero to rescue them too?

No wonder the robot in the background is watching this farce play out with haunted, deer-in-the-headlight eyes. Alas, if only there was someone competent who could set him free from the cruel masters who take joyrides in his hollowed-out torso!

(Or… maybe the robot just really hates clowns, and is shellshocked from reading the upper cover blurb?)

Super-Mystery Comics v3 #3, Ace

Super Mystery Comics v3 #1 by Ace

Super-Mystery in the Sewers!

Super-Mystery in the Sewers! published on No Comments on Super-Mystery in the Sewers!

“The Cobra’s poisoned nails clawed closer to the girl’s throat as Magno and Davey crashed through the tunnel to save her.”

And in a dramatic change of pace from earlier this week, the Blonde in a Red Dress finds herself being carried by a villain rather than a hero.