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Zippy Comics #1 (UK)

Zippy! Car-Toon Feature! Action! …Wait, what?

Zippy! Car-Toon Feature! Action! …Wait, what? published on 1 Comment on Zippy! Car-Toon Feature! Action! …Wait, what?

Um… I’m going to choose to interpret this cover as showing that our Blonde in Red is still in her hardboiled gun moll mode of the past couple days, and the men are reacting in shock because she’s packing an arsenal of firearms under that trenchcoat. Yeah. Let’s go with that.

Zippy Comics #1 (UK)

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1 Comment

OK, besides her, just what the heck is supposed to be going on here?!? What did the artist THINK he was drawing here? A hold-up? A gang meeting? Why does only one of the hoods(?) have a gun? What the heck is the guy in back wearing–a checkered suit, a pinstripe shirt, a hat with a cheetah-skin band, white gloves, a tie with explosions (and maybe a giant ant?) on it–what? And what’s going on with the gunman’s middle finger? (Fingers don’t work that way! Unless they’re broken.) And was the whole cover (including logo, blurbs, price, etc.) drawn in ballpoint pen? And are those lines on the left supposed to be some sort of background? And who’s “Mike Tip” and why would we want to make a date with him? Ohh, this cover makes me angry.

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