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Green Hornet #46, Harvey

Radio’s Racket Buster!

Radio’s Racket Buster! published on 1 Comment on Radio’s Racket Buster!

I’m sure the Blonde in a Red Dress didn’t mean to join a counterfeit gang on purpose; she just didn’t realize that the promised job offer of “making lots of money” was actually meant literally. (That’s her story, and she’s sticking to it.)

Green Hornet #46, Harvey

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1 Comment

There’s a lot to love (or be perplexed by) here–

The big GREEN HORNET logo–in blue!
Kato behind a sliding panel. (Did he try to leave the fight early? Or was he too slow in arriving?)
The counterfeiter has a big dollar sign tattoo on his arm! (That’s how you know he’s committed!)
(He also has a very hairy inner wrist. That’s a little rare.)
The other counterfeiter is wearing sunglasses. Inside. While he’s doing precise printing work.

I won’t even mention the second counterfeiter’s hands (what are they doing?), money with big dollar signs where Presidents’ faces should be (that’s how you know it’s counterfeit), and Mugs bears more than a passing resemblance to comedian David Brenner.

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