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It Isn’t Easy Being Green

It Isn’t Easy Being Green published on 1 Comment on It Isn’t Easy Being Green

The Blonde in Red returns from vacation… only to run into the exact same parade of green monsters that the Redhead in Yellow had been dealing with for the past couple weeks.

Mysterious Adventures #2, by Story

1 Comment

The proofreader in me wants to point out–

1. Are comic book stories actually “heard”?
2. Is there a comma or exclamation point missing between “It’s terrible” and “they’ve come back to life!”?
3. Can we fix the kerning on “Tales of Horror”?
4. That looks like an extra space between “Ghoul’s” and “Corpse,” doesn’t it?
5. And what’s that “Amazing Tales” for? Normally, that area would have the title repeated small (that was the habit until the 70’s) or it could be a blurb–but it’s a strange place to put a blurb!

I guess if I really wanted to be picky I would ask–did that corpse have a lighted candle in the coffin with him?

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