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Don’t Let It Bite Me!

Don’t Let It Bite Me! published on 1 Comment on Don’t Let It Bite Me!

The fact that the comic feels the need to declare itself to be “Famous Funnies” three times on the same cover leads me to suspect it may be overcompensating for the fact that it is neither famous nor funny.

Famous Funnies #167, Eastern

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1 Comment

Again, what exactly is supposed to be going on here? Are they shipwrecked? But there’s a ship on the horizon. Did it leave them here? But then why are her clothes ragged already? Is she an island native? Why is there an armored knight on an island? If she’s an island native, why is she wearing Greek slippers? Is she a Greek goddess? Then why is her dress torn? What kind of armor is that? Is this a period piece or modern? Are there green crabs? A good cover tells a story and draws the reader in–there is no discernible story here! Beyond the “joke,” there is no way to tell what’s going on here.

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