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Wings Comics #88, Fiction House

(Blonde) Bombshells Away!

(Blonde) Bombshells Away! published on 1 Comment on (Blonde) Bombshells Away!

The Blonde in a Red Dress escaped from being tied up in the cockpit just in time to be dangling for her life from the open bomber doors instead. But on the other hand, at least her villainous adversary seems to have forgotten which end of the gun to use.

(Disclaimer: I think this was a cover featuring the Blonde in a Red Dress, but I wasn’t 100% sure because the available scans of this cover online were so heavily faded that the heroine’s hair and dress were the same shade of faded orange as the trees, sky, and everything else! It took some extra Photoshop work to coax some color back to the cover.)

Wings Comics #88, Fiction House

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