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First Love #36, Harvey

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Another cover that explains NOTHING! There’s no way to tell what’s going on here, not even from the text! Is it against the law to kiss your girlfriend under the pier? If he was dressed as an escaped convict or something, it would make some sort of sense! Or a simple word balloon or caption that explained that the cop(?) was jealous or a paid killer or something–but as it is, these visual elements don’t add up to selling an understandable story. Argh! (And why is she pink and plastic while he is jaundiced?!?)

(OK, I looked it up and apparently the story is that the lovebirds are prisoners in a camp behind the Iron Curtain and they escape when the commandant shows too much interest in her. Does the cover portray that scenario at all?!? There should either be a bunch of soldiers/guards after them–not in police blue–or the lovebirds should be dressed in grey work clothes or something.)

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