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Popular Comics #105, Dell

Tuck that in

Tuck that in published on No Comments on Tuck that in

After giving up in frustration on always playing second fiddle in the cast of Smilin’ Jack, the Blonde in Red insists on a more assertive role among Terry and the Pirates.

Popular Comics #105, Dell

Popular Comics #102, Dell

Time for your shots

Time for your shots published on 1 Comment on Time for your shots

The Blonde in a Red Dress eventually moved on from hanging out with Smilin’ Jack, and took up a part-time gig with Terry and the Pirates instead. But before doing any more international globetrotting, she had to make sure everyone was up to date on their vaccinations.

Popular Comics #102, Dell

Four-Color #10, by Dell

Backseat Driver

Backseat Driver published on No Comments on Backseat Driver

I’m not sure I’d exactly call that expression a smile, but “Smirking Jack” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. At least the Blonde in a Red Dress seems to be enjoying herself.

Smilin’ Jack (Four-Color #10), by Dell

Popular Comics #90, Dell

Serious business

Serious business published on 2 Comments on Serious business

Not content to simply be typecast as a action/adventure damsel in distress, the Blonde in Red had her agent keep an eye out for more serious roles as well — even if it sometimes just ended up as a stern-faced cameo for a staring contest with “Doctor Bobbs”.

Popular Comics #90, Dell