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Wings Comics #73, Fiction House

Through Hell and Stormoviks!

Through Hell and Stormoviks! published on 1 Comment on Through Hell and Stormoviks!

How she sings as she swings through the air
Look below, there’s her field over there
With her one chute strap gone
She can still carry on
Comin’ in on a wing and a prayer

Wings Comics #73, Fiction House

Popular Comics #67 by Dell

Let a smile be your parachute

Let a smile be your parachute published on 2 Comments on Let a smile be your parachute

There are probably safer ways to introduce someone to Gasoline Alley than crashing a flaming airplane into it. And while it’s gentlemanly of Smilin’ Jack to share, I suspect that the Blonde in a Red Dress would have preferred to have a parachute of her own.

(Note: Wasn’t 100% sure if this cover should count towards this site’s criteria, but our panel of judges decided that “strawberry blonde” was close enough.)