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Who Watches The Weight Watchers?

Who Watches The Weight Watchers? published on No Comments on Who Watches The Weight Watchers?

The Blonde in Red’s relationship with the book’s star starts to turn sour, as the cover sheds the secondary tagline of “The Teen-Age Laugh Riot” (it wasn’t replaced with a new motto, probably because “Gabby: Louder and Funnier and Now Kind of a Jerk” wasn’t very catchy.)

Gabby #7, by Quality

Love Letters #32, Quality Comics

He Wasn’t Really Mine

He Wasn’t Really Mine published on 1 Comment on He Wasn’t Really Mine

I can sympathize with the Blonde in a Red Dress trying to drown her sorrows in a giant ice cream sundae, but what I can’t quite figure out is her odd fashion choices on this cover.

Love Letters #32, Quality Comics