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Terrific Comics #5, Continental

What goes on here?

What goes on here? published on 1 Comment on What goes on here?

Still buffed from last week’s role as “the lady wrestler”, the Blonde in a Red Dress decided to do her own stunts during the action scenes in this issue’s wild cover involving a spiked-wheel-o-death run by a mishmash of crazy monstrous villains as she awaits rescue by… um… Generic Gun-Toting Man, and his sidekick Wrench-Wielding Boy?

Terrific Comics #5, Continental

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1 Comment

C’mon, you know Kid Terrific and Jimmy, don’t you? Oh wait, the GCD says that’s Scoop Scanlon, reporter. But…but…he’s dressed the same as Kid Terrific on the previous covers and there’s Jimmy, right? But the Blonde is in the Scoop Scanlon story and…and…

Did they mix up their own features?

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