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Top-Notch #19, MLJ

Same ol’ same ol’

Same ol’ same ol’ published on 1 Comment on Same ol’ same ol’

The Blonde in Red should talk to her agent about her recurring appearances at “Top Notch Comics”, as they seem to already be running out of ideas: I think she might be tied to the same tree by the same villain and awaiting rescue by the same heroes as last time! Not even sure if the henchmen monsters count as being different, as they might just be the same werewolves at different points in their transformation.

Top-Notch #19, MLJ

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1 Comment

The adventures of the Blue Hood and Roy the boy with the world’s smallest cape! And then there’s the third guy running in the background. Not sure if the perspective on the tree is right. (She’s tied to it, but Roy’s jumping FROM it. Maybe he’s just a small person.)

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