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Don’t Let It Bite Me!

Don’t Let It Bite Me! published on 1 Comment on Don’t Let It Bite Me!

The fact that the comic feels the need to declare itself to be “Famous Funnies” three times on the same cover leads me to suspect it may be overcompensating for the fact that it is neither famous nor funny.

Famous Funnies #167, Eastern

Sunny #14, Fox Features

Another Matter of Perspective

Another Matter of Perspective published on 1 Comment on Another Matter of Perspective

Like yesterday’s cover, the Blonde in Red finds herself in yet another incomprehensible scene of warped size-changing perspective… Although in this case, I strongly suspect that the cover artist just didn’t bother with proper perspective because he wasn’t expecting anyone to be looking that closely at the rest of the background.

Sunny #14, Fox Features

Zoot Comics #2, by Fox


Zoot! published on 2 Comments on Zoot!

The Blonde in a Red Dress has played lots of roles where she had to do her own stunts, but thankfully very few where she had to dress up in anthropomorphic cartoon funny animal costumes for an off-brand wacky “laugh-fest of gaily colored comics”.

Zoot Comics #2, by Fox